About LoadWallet
Launched in May 2003, SMARTLoad is the world’s first electronic prepaid loading service that allows a client to load airtime into a SMART subscriber's GSM prepaid account.

This “telecoms services in sachets” approach enables a seller/client to load a customer with micro top-ups worth Php30, Php60, Php115, and PhP200.

At the onset of the service, e-load transfer was done only by transferring airtime from high-powered SIM cards from cell phone to cell phone, from distributor to dealer to finally, the end consumer. Now with this new generation technology that is CRGS, clients no longer need to relaod their SIM cards. They can now function like a small version of a telecoms company with direct access to the loading capacity of SMART Communications.

CRGS refers to Corporate Reloading Gateway System

It enables clients to extend selling of SMART Load Denominations to a prepaid Smart Phone Subscriber anywhere in the world and transfer of Smart Money E-cash to a Smart Money Card using a secured internet site. It is fast and secure using existing intelligent messaging protocol to address transmission of financial data to and from the client.

More than airtime, the system also transfers e-cash. CRGS can also provide a money transfer service by moving e-cash to target Smart Money Card Accounts. This would be a valuable service to those who wish to remit money to distant locations with as minimal fees and hassle as possible.

Individuals would merely need to enroll to enjoy this added service. They would be granted a user I.D. and with that they would be given a virtual wallet to add to at will. From there, funds can be transferred to a designated Smart Money Card.

CRGS features at a glance

  • plug and play
  • fast set-up & registration
  • NT/Linux/Unix implementation
  • real-time online load & fund transfer requests
  • real-time sub-dealer transaction
  • accounting & reporting (star) system
  • utilizes 128-bit secure sockets layer (ssl)

Sub-dealer Transaction Accounting & Reporting System (STAR System)

CRGS is composed of proprietary software and hardware that is also fully integrated with the secure, online Sub-dealer Transaction Accounting & Reloading (STAR) System of transferring load from SIM to SIM, this added feature provides a live log of all transactions, giving dealers a total transaction management solution. Ready to be accessed anytime online, tracking particular transactions and reconciliation will no longer be a problem.

A System that has Guaranteed Security. The Gateway utilizes 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption in conjunction with the gateway's proprietary data encryption as an added security feature. This enables the dealers to have a secure and more convenient way of transferring airtime load and/or transferring funds from virtual wallet to Smart Money card.

STAR features in a glance

  • secured
  • password activated
  • online dealer management
  • enroll & modify new and existing accounts
  • generate reports
  • execute reports

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